m-61 limited edition sara happ lip scrub

add this to my summer wish list:

sara happ, the world’s lip scrub queen has teamed up with bluemercury’s marla beck to create a limited edition formula. m-61 is marla’s own technical skincare line which marries naturopathic cures and dermatological heavy hitters like retinol and glycolics. for the lip scrub, sara and marla opted to whip up a scent inspired by the signature water served at bluemercury resort spa infused with lemon, mint, and cucumber. the result is a revitalizing little luxury that gets lips soft and supple. sugar and citruses work together to exfoliate dry, flaky lips while jojoba and grapeseed oils condition skin. cucumber and mint act as a pick-me-up keeping lips hydrated and energized. the perfect summer treat!

limited edition sara happ and m-61 lip scrub is $24 at bluemercury.


5 thoughts on “m-61 limited edition sara happ lip scrub

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