mark give it to me straight super smoothing lotion

we already know that the onset of summer calls for all kinds of beauty swaps. one that can make the biggest difference is my hair product. throughout the winter, my thin, newly bobbed hair requires lots of moisture to fend off static, but with the flip of the switch into humid weather, it is instantly clear that i need to make a change. i’m so happy for the recent discovery of mark’s super smoothing lotion. it gives my hair everything that i need without any extra fluff, just like the absolute best everyday product should. one pump of this stuff smooths out my curls and waves without weighing things down. the lightness and ease of this product makes me so happy and the added bonus of thermal protection means that i can blow-dry and flat iron to my heart’s content without fear of causing damage. since i’m an every-other-day hair washer, i love the way that it keeps my style looking fresh for two days without any second day grease (this is a major plus in my book!). besides all of that, the $16 price point is right on the money.


3 thoughts on “mark give it to me straight super smoothing lotion

  1. Ordering right now! I am always looking for ways to control my super curly hair. And I honestly love Mark products (little confessions, I used to be an Avon lady a few years back).


    • were you?! omg i love it. i’m really impressed with both the mark and avon lines – they always have me on my toes waiting to see what’s coming next!


      • Yep, I did it while I was in college. I even had my demo kit. Avon was a big deal in my household, my grandma was a huge fan. Oh the memories!


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