lashes to die for


i don’t need to tell you that this photo of michelle williams is beyond stunning. i already think she can do no wrong in life, career, and most importantly on the red carpet, but this shot just catapulted her into another league. i. mean. really!

her lashes completely steal the show here and while i’m having a hard time telling if they’re natural or faux, i know that to recreate that kind of gorgeous, you’re going to need a little help from some friends.

michelle williams lashes

winks by georgie beauty is the most luxe line of lashes that i have ever laid eyes on. not only are they all natural and eco-friendly, but they are positively pretty. coming in ten varieties to suit every mood and personal style, they come in a darling compact with a lash adhesive formulated without the bad stuff (formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic fragrance to name a few – nothing you want anywhere near you lash line). i’ve gone ga ga for this entire collection – from the packaging to the product quality, you won’t find anything better. if you’re looking to recreate michelle’s look, i would snag a set of demure, but polished “la cherie” or my personal favorite, the “belle” lashes, which offer a combination of individual lashes and flares for super natural volume.

to keep everything together, seal your new lashes with two coats of salma hayek’s ultra-defining nuance mascara. a skinnier brush has never hit shelves, giving you the ultimate in control for lengthening and defining. it gets to the roots allowing you to really baby your lashes, achieving killer curl. it will have you coming away looking very va va – i am in love with this stuff!

this combination is sure to convince everyone that just like michelle, your fan of fringe is all your own – and i say let ’em.


4 thoughts on “lashes to die for

    • i hear nothing but amazing things about the line in full, if the rest of it is anything like this mascara – i’m in trouble! :)


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