the new summer essentials

it’s june and the weather is gorgeous, however, with the change in seasons, comes a change in … everything. i notice that my skin, my feet, my nails, my hair – it all starts to behave differently with the shift in temps. to combat all of the new beauty woes that come with the warmer days, i’ve rounded up my latest and greatest beauty picks for summer.

the new summer essentials

france luxe ‘madeau’ bobby pins (set of 2), $17: these look pretty pinned to the strap of my favorite tank when i’m not wearing them and they are a total saving grace for when my new bob starts acting up.

murad clarifying body spray, $37: there is nothing less sexy than bacne, especially during swim sweason. a few spritzes of this when i hop out of the shower keeps things clear.

goody double wear, $5: these hair elastics make an excellent addition to the arm party when they’re not working hard for your ponytail or top knot. love!

kinky curly spiral spritz, $12: this is hands down the best curl product i have found to date. it’s all natural and gives my curls soft shape and definition while zapping frizz. far better than what nature intended – i am addicted.

benetint lip balm spf 15, $20: my favorite staining lip tint with spf, since cherry popsicle lips are a true summer essential.

bliss softening socks, $48: a bit of an investment, but hear me out. you know how when you switch from wearing shoes to sandals all the time, your feet get super dry? calluses come out, heels crack, it’s bad news. well, wearing these for a few hours at night while you wind down helps to heal all of that and keep your feet looking great in those sexy summer shoes.

rosewater balancing mist, $22: this helps me to keep my skin in check when all of the drying products i use in the summer to zap oil have taken things a bit too far. it’s also great for summer travel (no more drying plane cabins!) and feels so good when you put it on after sun.

avon ideal flawless invisible coverage liquid foundation, $9: this stuff is light as a feather! it feels ah-mazing and has a touch of spf making it the perfect summertime foundation. a little goes a long way and you cannot beat the price point. winner, winner!

baggu standard tote bag, $9: if loving these bags is wrong, i don’t want to be right. the colors and patterns have stolen my heart and i want to carry them everywhere from the grocery store to the beach.

so there you have it, a serious stack of summer essentials. did i leave anything out? what’s saving you so far this summer?


4 thoughts on “the new summer essentials

  1. Great picks. Dr. Murad’s acne line is the best, haven’t seen this product. I’m sold on the kinky curly, I never wear my hair curly because it’s untamable. So I’ll give this a shot. I can vouch for those socks, they’re great.


    • the murad spray + kinky curly are both game changers! you will love them. i’m not sure what took me so long to get hip to the trick of moisturizing socks, but they are saving my soles this summer!


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