super by dr nicholas perricone clarifying activator

my combination skin has taken a turn for the all-around oily and the only thing keeping it under control as summer starts to rear its ugly humid head is this clarifying activator by super. a swipe over my clean face before bed ensures that all traces of makeup (and yoga sweat) are wiped away, leaving my skin toned, clear, and shine free the next day. the best part is that my all-too-sensitive face has not complained in the least, in fact i dare say my skin prefers a chemical exfoliant. now, i normally don’t get this technical, but the icing on the cake for me is the key nutrient zinc, which when lacking, leads to acne. applying it topically in a solution like this regulates oil production and aids in tissue repair. suffice to say that i am smitten!

now to figure out how to travel with this bad boy…


6 thoughts on “super by dr nicholas perricone clarifying activator

    • i think that is the prettiest toner that i have ever seen! i haven’t toned consistently since i was on a seabreeze kick in highschool, but it really does make a big difference! will check out the acure, thank you thank you :)


    • ooh i might have to give that a try. honestly, this has cleared up my skin overnight…but it’s always good to have an emergency cure on hand!!


  1. I want to try this! Do you wash your face first or use it as a makeup remover kinda deal? if you use this do you put moisturizer on after?


    • yes to both questions! it serves as a toner but also swipes away any extra traces of makeup if i use it at the end of the day. if i use it twice a day, i moisturize over it in the mornings and leave it by itself at night. hope that helps!


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