revitalash spotlight highlighting pencil

it’s a pretty gloomy day here in va, so i thought i’d share one of my favorite pick-me-up products! on days like today, when i need an extra boost, i like to highlight my brow bones to detract from shadows lurking elsewhere. a swipe of this chubby champagne stick from revitalash under my arches adds dimension to my shadow job, hides stray hairs, and really perks things up.

but i know you’re probably thinking, there’s dozens of highlighting pencils on the market, so what makes this one so special?

for starters, it’s less of a pencil and more of a crayon. i love the super thick line that it draws on – it’s the absolute perfect width for amping up your arches. secondly, the color really separates it from the pack. far too many brow highlighting pencils are too light in color, making them look harsh and unnatural on your face. this little beauty boasts a more subtle tone, almost a sandy buff or beige, so that it blends perfectly while still giving you a burst of illumination.

the revitalash spotlight highlighting pencil is available here for $24.

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