leila lou perfume oil

invoking reactions of the beauty nature from mr. glossarie can be near impossible, so when i get so much as a “why do you smell so good?!” i know i’ve got something blog worthy on my hands (well, more literally, dabbed on my wrists).

meet the adorably sweet and simple leila lou by rosie jane cosmetics. i’m completely hooked on this perfume oil with its notes of pear blossom, fresh-cut grass, and tangerine. i never remember to wear perfume, but i’ve been religiously rolling this scent on my wrists in the mornings and smiling whenever i catch a waft of it throughout the day. it’s that good. there’s something innocent and romantic about the blend and it’s absolutely perfect for summer. the fragrance oil has become a fast favorite because i find that they last longer on me, but i’ll fill you in on a little secret:

i’ve been spritzing the eau de toilette on my mane message hair ties and headbands. it’s a genius way to wear a hint of fragrance (whether they’re on your wrist or in your hair) – even while working out! the cotton elastic grabs onto the scent and keeps me smelling subtly sweet. why didn’t i think of this sooner?

all in all, it’s a love for me.

if you’ve just got to have a little leila lou in your life, you can shop the line here.

19 thoughts on “leila lou perfume oil

  1. Ooh, perfume oil. Such a good idea. If I hadn’t already found my signature scent (DKNY pure) I’d definetly go for this. The hairtie thing is great, I also tend to spritz perfume on the back, and sides of my neck because the smell tends to linger there longer.


    • those are great tricks! i told myself i would find my signature scent in 2012 and ditch the rest, i dare say i might have done it :)


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