laura geller baby cakes baked blush palette

when it comes to baked blushes, there is one authority. laura geller has been swirling the perfect shades together for over 20 years and she has created a rainbow of colors to compliment every outfit and perk up any mood. ranging from warm to cool, with names like golden apricot and sunswept, geller has captured my heart with her fresh and lively foursome, baby cakes.

if you seek a comprehensive blush wardrobe and have always wanted to mix up a made-for-you cheek color with the flair of an artist, you need this palette. geller’s shades possess a touch of shimmer, making them famous for infusing radiance, but this collection includes a matte ‘sugar free’ blush that really rounds out the group, making it suitable for all your blushing needs. i’m loving the way that i can tap and swirl my way to a nearly-new shade of blush everyday and geller’s oil-free formula ensures that my cheeks stay flawless, even while sweating in this holiday weekend heat. if you’ve never given laura’s blushes a try, you will fall in love with their creamy texture. and if you’re already under their spell, then this little lineup would make an excellent addition to your collection.

nab laura geller’s baby cakes baked blush palette for $39.75.

ps – it’s here! the last, last, LAST day of voting in the allure beauty blogger of the year competition. i haven’t yet figured out a way to thank all of your for your tweets, emails, facebook shout outs, comments, and most importantly your VOTES over the last five weeks…but i’m going to cook up something fun – i promise. please take a minute to vote one final time today if you can. thank you, thank you, thank you!


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