dessange paris

last week, i was invited to dessange paris salon here in dc for a much needed haircut. i met with cesar carvalho, the very warm and welcoming head of pr before my cut. cesar is portuguese, so we talked for awhile about portugal and my inlaws, it all made me crave a visit to lisbon ASAP! after our chat, i was whisked into the chair of samuel rocher, dessange’s new artistic director.

samuel is so sweet and nice, i don’t know how anyone could not smile through one of his haircuts. i found myself grinning ear to ear because the way he cuts hair is almost magical. he hums while he cuts, he’s french and easy on the eyes. does it get much better? he also tells it like it is. his diagnosis for the current state of my hair? sad. his words – and not at all untrue, it was a sad situation.

he sent me back to shampoo where the lovely lady whose name i did not catch (shame on me! i really hate that.) mixed up lotions and potions with the flair of a big city bartender. i was impressed! she applied a rinse-off clay bath to tend to my oily scalp before she shampoo’ed me. it was like my head got a mini spa treatment!

back in samuel’s chair, i was feeling confident, but terrified…however, at the same time, i was ready for a change and i fully trusted him. he walked me through what he was going to do, gauging my bravery and, with my approval, he said “it’s good! new style!” and away he went:

all clients of dessange are treated to a complimentary makeup touch up after their service. i worked with the lovely mona who walked me through dessange’s complete line of product offerings and made me over. more on this soon! but i thought it was a really nice finishing touch offered by the salon – and so fun to sit and play makeup with mona after a dramatic haircut. play up my eyes more she says? oui madame!

i am in love with this haircut. it makes me want to up my game and i feel like my life needs to live up to its expectations. this cut makes me want to shop, it makes me want to hit the gym, i want to bring my style up a notch and really do this chop justice. if you’ve had a haircut this good, you know what i mean. and, dc girls, if you want a haircut this good, get your head of hair to dessange.

ps – three more days to vote! i can’t believe the five weeks of this contest are almost up and i still can’t thank you all enough for your support. please vote today if you can!! xo


12 thoughts on “dessange paris

    • thank you :) it somehow makes me look younger, yet it’s more age appropriate for 30 than my shaggy locks were before. i’m really loving it and it’s so great for summer!


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