keep it pretty: diy manicure bowl



keep it pretty: diy manicure bowl

my diy manicure skills are gradually improving! i’ve picked up some tricks and finally found the right products to make painting my nails at home a pleasure instead of a chore. i keep everything on my dresser in this zelenka bowl from anthropologie. here are the steps and tools that have boosted my at-home mani confidence:

1. a soft cuticle pusher really makes it easier to paint polish on without making a mess. this $1 version from elf is a no-brainer.

2. a glass nail file smooths and sculpts nails far better than a classic emery board. it’s better for your nails and works so much faster. i’ve been using this $3 one from sephora.

3. a good base coat is crucial to making your mani last longer. i’m loving deborah lippmann ‘fast girls’ – it creates a smooth canvas and i swear it makes application easier. it’s also super quick drying!

4. i like to add a top coat for protection and extra gloss. deborah lippmann umbrella is high-shine and chip resistant.

5. finally, the cleanup. i *always* end up with polish on my cuticles, but there’s a perfect solution: dip the absolute smallest eyeliner brush (or paint brush) into some acetone remover and drag it along your cuticle to get that super clean edge. the result is almost better than what you can get at a spa!

do you have any diy manicure tips and tricks? where do you keep all of your tools?

ps – allure voting is extended through the weekend! if you think of it in between all of that boating and barbecue-ing, please vote, vote, vote!


4 thoughts on “keep it pretty: diy manicure bowl

  1. I LOVE this post and this idea!!!!! I have all these little bowls and I usually use them for jewelry but its such a good idea to create an easily-accessible and oh-so-pretty mani bowl :) And OF COURSE Ill remember to vote!!!!


    • thank you, lovely! i have jewelry in one on my dresser, hairties in one by my bed, the list goes on…poor steve, haha! so many beauty products littering up our condo :)


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