buxom color choreography eyeshadow

i think we all know that i’m eyeshadow challenged, so i’m always on the hunt for something that will give me an easy to achieve eye look in one palette or quad. i’m happy to report that the new color choreography eyeshadow from buxom really fits the bill! take a peek:

these palettes are generously sized (nearly as big as my palm) and house a variety of color coordinating shades and textures. this one is swing and it’s my personal favorite because of its novice-friendly neutrals. the shades included:

  • top left: jive, a shimmery peach pink
  • top right: flip, a soft matte brown
  • center: shag, a shimmery pink-beige
  • bottom left: toss, a matte buttercream
  • bottom right: jitterbug, a deep glittery brown with gold sparkle

each shade swatches true to its appearance in the pan and the whole group blends together beautifully to create tons of different looks. as an added bonus and pleasant surprise, i’m also enjoying the brush in this palette collection (normally thrown away without a second thought) – one side is flat for shading, and the other side is angled for lining. it makes applying and blending a breeze, especially when traveling.

so, what do you think of these fabulous little fivesomes? think you’ll pick one up? there are six show-stopping color runs available for $36. find them at sephora!

ps – please vote again today if you have a minute! the allure beauty blogger of the year competition is almost over :)

2 thoughts on “buxom color choreography eyeshadow

    • glad to know i’m not alone! i have the world’s least steady hand, but palettes like this take a lot of the guesswork out of it and it’s less about being precise when the colors blend so nicely together. makes it easier!


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