supergoop! spf 30+ sunscreen swipes

i have the kind of skin that requires spf on regular days. whereas some people can chill at a soccer game for an hour on a sunday and soak up some sun, my entire being turns crispy and it ain’t real pretty. unfortunately for my skin, i have a real love-hate relationship with sunscreen. it’s basically essential to my fairer than fair  existence, but there may be nothing that i despise more than applying it – especially when i need to be out and about in real clothes. for me, there is nothing worse than reapplying sunscreen, fully dressed (am i alone in this?).

these wipes make the art of sunscreen application a total breeze and i’m starting to wonder how i ever survived without them. with one swipe, your skin is armed against the sun without hassle and supergoop!’s formula means you’re getting paraben-free spf 30 protection. i find that i’m so much more prone to reapply when i have them with me and they have already prevented many a burn. they are beyond easy to use as well as lightweight and non-greasy. they are fragrance free and you can tote them around individually wrapped or in a pack. whatever strikes your summer fancy!

get ’em here:

supergoop! spf 30+ sunscreen swipes 8 count, $10

supergoop! spf 30+ sunscreen swipes 40 count, $34

supergoop! spf 30+ sunscreen single swipe 7 count, $15

ps – please vote for me in the allure beauty blogger of the year competition today! just seven more days of voting before the grand prize winner is announced. you guys are the BEST.


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