allure challenge 5: makeup video

the final challenge is HERE! the makeup videos are live over at allure and i could not be more excited for you to see my makeup routine set to music (isn’t everyone’s makeup routine set to music?).

allure sent all fifteen bloggers a BIG ‘ole box of revlon products and a sony bloggie video camera with instructions to get creative and make a video. knowing that i’m not one for talking at the camera and giving detailed tutorials, i had so much fun showcasing the products exactly how i have been using them in everyday life.

you should know that i’m really impressed with the revlon products! the look i’m wearing in the video is 100% revlon and it’s super fresh-faced and pretty (if i do say so myself :)).

i’m so very proud of my creation and i know you will see the glossarie personality shining through in these two upbeat minutes.

click on over to take a peek at the revlon products that have taken up permanent residence in my beauty bag and how i wear them on a daily basis, then come back here and let me know what you think! oh, and while you’re there please, pretty please, take a minute to vote – the voting counts more than ever this week!


6 thoughts on “allure challenge 5: makeup video

  1. Hi, (thought i left a comment before but don’t see it here so i’m leaving another one lol)… i was an alternate in the Beauty Blogger of the Year awards and actually completed all the challenges. I wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your video! This was the most difficult challenge for me because i didn’t have much experience editing videos. (I’m working on it though). Yours was incredible, you totaly won my vote! Love your blog and am a new follower! Would love it if you checked mine out and followed it too if you like it. BTW are you Portuguese? I had to ask bc of the name… xoxo


    • thank you, carla! congratulations on being named an alternate – that’s amazing. i’m so happy to have you following the blog and i’m thrilled that you loved the video. i’m not portuguese, but my husband is :) we went there two summers ago and i’m dying to get back!


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