this or that: chubby lip pencils

this or that: chubby lip pencils


on top: new! revlon just bitten kissable balm stain, available in 12 shades.

on bottom: clinique chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm, available in 16 shades (inlcuding 6 brand new releases!)


6 thoughts on “this or that: chubby lip pencils

  1. I love the clinique chubby stick, I recently got it as a gift with purchase and I am addicted. But now I must try the Revlon one too.


    • i tested the mega melon in sephora the other day because i was inspired by your instagram! :) let me know what you think of the revlons.


    • i actually think the revlon ones have more pigment than the new clinique shades (the older, existing shades by clinique are comparable). revlon might also be longer lasting, the verdict is still out! thanks for stopping by :)


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