looks good for your guy: otter creek

it’s a sad day in the ramos household, because the husband and i have finally wrestled the last drop out of our new mutual favorite body scrub, grit happens by otter creek. it’s the only thing in our shower that we’ve been fighting over for the last several weeks and it’s left us with clear, smooth skin that kind of smells like a margarita thanks to tropical top notes of coconut and lime. it’s been a godsend for my dry winter skin that needs sloughing and for his sweaty (but very sexy) post-soccer-game grime.

the whole otter creek line is genius from its rugged, outdoorsy packaging to its super manly product descriptions. steve notes his other favorites as hair of the dog birchwood shampoo (warning: do not drop this bottle in the woods) and spit shine body wash (scented with cedar, coffee and leather – yum). i’ve totally claimed the citrus-y snake skin body moisturizer as my own, and we both have our eye on the duck call primer lip balm.

check out the entire otter creek product lineup and definitely bring some into your shower, especially if it’s a co-ed situation. your man will be smelling delightful and you will totally enjoy sharing these hilarious and amazingly effective products with him.

ps – if you’re reading this before noon EST, please cast your final weekly vote for the allure beauty blogger awards! we’ll know on monday if i’m still in it to win it for week four :)


2 thoughts on “looks good for your guy: otter creek

  1. OMG these sound so good. I don’t even have a boy to blame buying these on but I’d do it anyway. Is there a store behind the woods warning? haha


    • haha no! the bottle is completely camouflaged, so that’s the warning they have on the bottle – they’re full of funny little lines in their instructions and descriptions. one more reason to love them!


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