my weekend

i had the best weekend in new york with two of my favorite people.

my friends blair, sarah, and i were pretty inseparable when we were all living in dc, but they moved away to chicago and long island respectively this winter and i’ve been missing them terribly.

we rendezvous’d at sarah’s beautiful home and had ourselves a lovely little weekend. highlights included a long, lingering trip to sephora, an impulsive indulgence at godiva (chocolate covered oreos? don’t mind if i do!), some super tasty mexican food and plenty of qt with sarah’s sweet, almost two-year-old babe, caroline.

(thanks to blair for snapping these pictures!)

after i gifted her mom a stephanie johnson mini pouch with deborah lippmann’s ‘almost paradise’ tucked inside, the baby beauty addict perched herself on my lap for a teeny tiny manicure. the result was perfectly pistachioed nails which she proceeded to display for anyone who would take notice over the entire weekend.

all in all, it was pretty perfect.

hope your weekend was just as great!


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