a note to you

(photo by kate headley)

those of you who know me well know what a big piece of me this little beauty blog actually is. on the eve of the allure contest launch, i’m nervous and excited, but most importantly i’m reminded of how lucky i am that you come to visit the glossarie.

i would write and post even if no one came at all (because that’s how deep this addiction runs!), but the fact that you do come, read and comment…well, i’ll just never get over how great that is. this blog would be nothing without you, the readers, and i’m so thankful for you!

just a few noteworthy mentions, because i’m not sure i’ve ever really let these people know how much i appreciate them:

to my friends who indulge my beauty chatter and make the glossarie part of every conversation – i can’t tell you how much your love and support means to me.

to my mom and sister who were instant fans from the very first post, who dragged me out after closet blogging for far too long, who have sent blast emails to their friends and coworkers encouraging them to visit the blog – i love you both so much.

to my dad, (who might be this site’s biggest fan!) who believes so greatly in me and in this tiny place on the web that he financed my tabitha emma redesign because he saw it as a good investment – you gave me a pretty place to share my love of beauty with everyone, and for that, i will be forever grateful.

to my blogger friends who encourage and inspire me constantly, i adore you! the internet has brought such wonderful people into my life and i feel crazy lucky to know you all.

to the wonderful strangers, who click on product posts from google searches, who stumble upon this blog in all of the crazy ways that you do, who read my ramblings, pin my posts, tweet links out to your friends, and send your skincare success stories to my inbox – you rock my world.

so, as the allure beauty blogger of the year contest kicks off tomorrow, i hope you know how much your support means to me. i would love it if you voted for the glossarie as the challenges unfold weekly, because while silly this may seem to some, it is a big, BIG deal to me – and i thank you so much for helping to get me here!

all my love,


*the allure beauty blogger of the year competition is comprised of five weeks of beauty challenges with weekly eliminations. the basis for eliminations is a combination of public voting and allure editor scoring. i need your vote! i’ll be sharing the voting link here and if you’re not normally a voter, allure is giving away insane prizes like diamonds, a spa trip, and rebecca minkoff bags – so that’s a bit of encouragement, yes? :)

18 thoughts on “a note to you

    • thank you so much! i love your blog. i’m a yogi and just got my first manduka for christmas – look forward to keeping up with your posts!


  1. Omg congrats Lara! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to send this note, but school has been so crazy the last month! Well-deserved, I will definitely be voting for ya! xoxo


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