lea by calypso st. barth

this one is a treasure – pure and simple.

i had to write about this fragrance because i love it that much, but it’s a weird one to feature because it’s shockingly sparse in ingredients and structure, yet indescribably irresistible when you’ve got it on. that makes it nearly impossible to blog – but i’m gonna try!

calypso st. barth’s lea is a rare classic that smells instantly of almond and vanilla but steers clear of dousing you in amaretti cookie scent. a blend of clean musk and sheer florals bring on a powdery sense that warms the longer you wear it, making it far less sweet than you might imagine. it’s soft and feminine, uniquely sexy in its simplicity (think: if your favorite white tee were a scent). it’s practically a cult classic and super tricky to find, but if you can track one down, you’ll be hitched to lea for life.

you can order a sample of lea for $4 from luckyscent or score a whole bottle for $100.

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