keep it pretty: diptyque


diptyque candles are the gifts that keep on giving. they’re gorgeous before you even light them and of course they’re pure delight when burning. diptyque has crafted almost fifty scents and packed the perfume-y goodness into beautiful glass jars. when you’re done burning your fragrance of choice, put it in the freezer over night and then pop the leftover wax out of the bottom. you’ll be left with the pretty jar and a great spot for your brushes and lip products.


i love the classic look that these take on when grouped together on a vanity tray and standing alone on a dresser or bathroom shelf. they’re like little vintage works of art.


are you as in love with those beautiful bold black letters as i am? as slightly spendy as these are up front, it’s nice to know that you can treat yourself to a yummy mood-setting scent now and a perfect spot to store your beauty booty later!

do you use diptyque jars to keep it pretty?

14 thoughts on “keep it pretty: diptyque

    • the tuberose is one of my favorite scents! and even if you spring for one of the smaller jars (less pricey), you could still keep some smaller brushes and skinny products in a pretty place :)


    • haha i can’t claim that all of my products are their pretty place, either – but i love the idea of dressing up my makeup storage! so glad you like


  1. I actually have 1/2 a diptyque candle left, and I’m definitely going to use the jar for make-up brushes once it’s gone! Such a great idea. I also use Bath and Body Works candle jars for cotton balls and ponytail holders since they have lids.


    • cute! great suggestion about bath & body works – it’s good to remember that other companies make pretty candle jars, too :)


  2. this is such a great idea! i hesitated to buy a diptyque candle at bluemercury the other day because i didn’t want to spend so much on a candle, but this gives me a good excuse for next time :)


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