march bag + balm

march bag + balm

bag: stephanie johnson mini pouch in malibu crinkle patent, $30

balm: sephora color reveal balm, $12

this month’s bag is a staple for me. it lives in my handbag and travels from work to play, stashing my pill box, headphones, lip balm, hair tie, mints, and business cards. it’s so versatile that it could serve virtually any purpose and it even works well as a wallet to carry cash, cards, keys, phone, etc. it’s no secret that i adore stephanie johnson and this pouch is just one of many reasons. she’s made it in a slew of colors and textures (i believe i count a whopping 47 listed!) and she’s also created this genius wristlet that you can purchase as an add on. i’m digging the six colors in malibu crinkle patent for their bold brightness and laid-back vibe, but the beauty of steph’s line is that there’s something for everyone.

this month’s balm is rocking my world. lip balm is the finishing touch to my morning makeup routine, but the naked lip can make me look a little washed out first thing in the am. sephora’s color reveal balm has vastly changed all of that. after swiping it on (and smelling it’s yummy vanilla scent), it blooms into a customized pink shade that’s not the normal nuclear fuchsia that these types of products tend towards (not flattering on anyone, let alone everyone). it’s a sheer wash of pink that’s not too soft, not too bold and it takes my look up a notch, making me look just a bit more lively than a clear balm would. i’ve bought two of these, keeping one in the bathroom beauty basket and one in my mini pouch because i love it that much. rumor has it that this little beauty is limited edition, so hustle on out to get your own if you must have!

ps – this little series is one year old this month! happy birthday, bag + balm


2 thoughts on “march bag + balm

    • absolutely! it’s the exact same consistency as a clear lip balm, perfect for layering and i bet it would add some interesting depth to whatever you put over top


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