rms beauty un cover-up

i’m always looking for that perfect allover concealer: one workhorse formula to cover under eye circles and mask imperfections. it’s tough to find one that isn’t too thick, too heavy, too dry, and finding the right shade? can be damn near impossible.

the beauty of rms un cover-up is that it’s packed with natural moisturizers and disappears onto skin. it blends flawlessly and melts in, brightening the bags and buffing away my post-acne discolorations. it also wears like a dream, feeling featherweight as it lasts all day.

i’d recommend this pot of gold to anyone. if your skin is in mostly good shape with a few problem areas, you could use this to hide them, and set with translucent powder for a very fresh-faced look. if you’ve got lots to cover, pair this under your favorite foundation. while i haven’t tried it yet, it can also be used as a light foundation all on its own.

if you’ve got stuff to “un” cover, you can find rms online at spirit beauty lounge.


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