best in beauty: oscars 2012

oscars 2012 best in beauty

the red carpet royalty brought some very good face last night. from the nails, which seemed to be either vampy dark (almost black) or completely nude (clear polish was everywhere!) to the malibu barbie waves on stacy keibler, to that signature pink lip on michelle williams – i was in high beauty heaven.

i’m giving best face to jessica chastain who was stunning in a fierce cat eye, tousled pinned-half-back hair, and even her essie mani in berry hard. she looked absolutely beautiful. nods to natalie portman for her 50’s inspired look and milla jovovich for those red lips and pink blush, as well.

best hair goes to the mara sisters who could not have been more uniquely different. rooney slayed in her structural bang and bun, and kate went for a softer look in her messy side-do and sparkly adornments.

my favorite manicure (and cocktail bling!) was on the mitts of kristen wiig who sported chanel’s black satin to offset her nude dress. kind of makes me crave black nails all over again.

what did you think of the looks last night? any favorites that i missed?


12 thoughts on “best in beauty: oscars 2012

    • j. lo looked flawless as always – the woman is so gorgeous. penelope’s coif was definitely retro – so different for her! but i loved them both as well.


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