conference call: ifb

i am beyond excited to be in nyc today for the independent fashion bloggers conference at milk studios – and so grateful to the ifb team for the generous invitation. the day comprises a slew of inspiring panels featuring some of my favorite bloggerinas – grace, jessie, and ann. plus there’s a bunch of names on the docket that i definitely plan to stalk in hopes of taking our digi friendships into the real world – connie, aliza, nicolette. oh, and did i mention the many many MANY other bloggers scheduled to attend? safe to say i’ll be in friend-making high heaven all the live long day.

we’ll be back to beauty as usual tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a product completely rocking my world this week.

6 thoughts on “conference call: ifb

  1. You are just TOO sweet, my dear! Wish we would have gotten to talk for longer than a NANO-SECOND, but perhaps some other time this week?? Did you already head home??


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