tarte emphaseyes inner rim brightener

hello from nyc! i booked myself into back to back trips these past two weeks and the result has not been pretty. i’m sick as a dog and desperately trying to catch up on sleep while working 11 hour days and faking fineness to the entire universe using a few secret beauty weapons.

i told you a few weeks ago that i’m a bottom lash quitter and that simple trick definitely helps to make me look more awake. then we discovered the best dark circle concealer ever which doubles the facade, but these last few days, i still needed something more.

i found a little extra alertness in a liner with tarte’s emphaseyes inner rim brightener. you just glide it along your water line (ever notice how it gets super red and angry when you’re exhausted?) and your eyes look instantly bigger and completely refreshed. it goes on smoothly and looks so much more natural than the old white eyeliner trick. it’s also great for allergy eyes if you’re a sufferer and it’s totally helping me to look the part this week, even though i’m feeling way under the weather.

tarte emphaseyes inner rim brightener is $18 at ulta.


5 thoughts on “tarte emphaseyes inner rim brightener

  1. That looks similar to my fave color, Stila’s “topaz” kajal eye liner which is a nice peachy color and super smooth for lining that sensitive area. But I’m always in the market for a new product!! this is a great subtle beauty trick. hope you get to feeling better!


    • it’s very similar to topaz – you’re right. this one is slightly peachier making it less harsh for me than topaz, but they’re practically identical and give the same effect.


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