thing of beauty + lovely links

sometimes a product comes along that is so pretty on its own, be it the packaging or the overall design, that i could almost care less about its performance because it just looks that darn good. my new “thing of beauty” series will feature the prettiest of products on the market in hopes of making the contents of your makeup bag just a bit more lovely.

the inaugural “thing of beauty” is perfect lipstick from none other than victoria’s secret. i’ll say that vs makeup has come a long way since the sticky glitter lip glosses and body splashes i recall – because this lipstick is divine! the square tube, the lip print (obviously, i’m a fan) and those stripes on the inner tube are all calling to me. plus, the four available shades are spot on – a hot pink, a blush rose, a bright lilac, and a yummy nude. sounds pret-ty perfect to me.

victoria’s secret perfect lipstick is $15 online.

{a few lovely links}

happy weekend to you!!


9 thoughts on “thing of beauty + lovely links

    • exactly! some products are too pretty to even use – i just want to keep them in a case somewhere on display. so happy you love this one!


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