clinique redness solutions targeted corrector

we all suffer from the occasional spot(s) – whether they’re active pimples, acne scars, or pesky pink bumps in the process of healing and disappearing. because i’m fair, any pigmentation on my skin is so red and pronounced that it almost makes my spots look worse than they are. i’ve been feeling for a while like my current concealer wasn’t concealing a darn thing and just calling attention to the dreaded spots, so it’s off to the makeup counters i went.

the best spot concealers are sticks, by far. formulas are typically creamy to apply but then dry really nicely, disappearing into skin. like their coordinating foundations, though, most of them have a pink tint which is why they do nothing to conceal acne. this redness solutions targeted corrector from clinique is designed to truly target redness and zap it away (at least for the day).

i like to dot this on while i straighten my hair or do my eye makeup and then emulsify with my finger to blend spots away. sometimes i use it before foundation, sometimes after, depending on how my skin looks that day and how forgetful i am. it works great in both cases and it is the only thing i found that covers and counteracts the redness around my scars and pimples. it goes on soft and silky so it doesn’t aggravate my flare ups and it just kind of…cancels out my acne. it’s basically the closest thing i can find to a pimple eraser and it makes me feel flawless even though i’m hiding something.

clinique’s redness solutions targeted corrector is part of their larger redness solutions line (fantastic for people who suffer from rosacea or other facial redness) and is available online, at sephora, and at the counters for $19.50.


8 thoughts on “clinique redness solutions targeted corrector

  1. Sold! I am buying this as soon as I can make my next trip to Sephora. Couldn’t agree more that most concealers don’t ever do anything to conceal. Thanks Lara!

    Also, I bought Urban Decay ‘De Slick’ Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray and it works very well – so thanks for that recommendation as well :)


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