glossRx: benefit stay don’t stray

beauty ache from cheryl at a peek of chic:

i’m on the hunt for an under eye concealer that lasts all day. i use a concealer that i do like, but half way through the day i need to reapply! i don’t have dreadfully dark circles, so they are easy to cover, i just don’t want to have to touch up.


cheryl’s email came hot on the heels of a dinner chat with seven ladies about under eye concealers and their shortcomings – the top two complaints being lack of staying power and a tendency to settle into fine lines.  i introduced benefit stay don’t stray back in january of 2010, but since then it has built up quite a reputation for being long lasting and color correcting (meaning that although it’s billed as a primer, you really don’t need a concealer). it’s light and creamy, crazy brightening and will not, i repeat, will not, settle into fine lines. this stuff really works and i highly recommend using it before your foundation, for all 360 degrees that it’s intended for. three dots on the under eye zap dark circles dead in their tracks and a dot or two on the lid will keep your foundation from creasing. finally, blend a bit into your inner corner and all traces of last night’s tequila and vodka binge on a rooftop bar in nyc the night before a 12 hour work day (whoops) are undetectable. benefit cosmetics stay don’t stray is $26 at sephora.

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8 thoughts on “glossRx: benefit stay don’t stray

  1. I actually love Maybelline’s 24hr stay put concealer which is a fraction of that Benefit price plus it’s an actual concealer! But if you double them both up- it’s even extra staying power- which can never be a bad thing;)


  2. can’t wait to try this! Perhaps a Sephora visit is in my near future.

    Oh who are we kidding? like I NEED an excuse to shop at Sephora! :) I’ll report back soon!


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