oribe dry texturizing spray

my hair is pretty low maintenance, and because i find heat styling to be so damaging to my tresses, i rely heavily on what i like to call “day 2.” it’s easier to rock second-day hair when it’s longer – the messy ruffled look just hangs a little nicer when you’ve got more to work with. when i go shoulder length, my hair tends to look a little like a helmet on day 2, and that just doesn’t fly. i need a miracle product that is going to help me extend the life of my blow dry and deal with the aforementioned helmet situation.

enter, oribe dry texturizing spray.

i don’t know where this stuff has been hiding all of my life, but hear me when i say that it is some kind of wonderful. the insanely good smelling spray serves as volumizer, holding spray (excellent for adding day 2 scrunch and twists or piecey day 2 topknots), and texturizer (excellent for adding day 2 “grit” and shape). it also serves as a serious oil zapper – just aim it at your part, around the hair line, and voila! day 2 looks almost better than day 1.

oribe dry texturizing spray comes in a big huge can for $39 and the cutest travel size version for $19.50.


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