pattern body wash

in 2012, i am really trying to be more aware of the ingredients in the products that i use on my face and body. i noticed a remarkable difference when i stopped using hair products that contained sulfates and it led me to wonder if there are other things with fewer chemicals that work better than what’s currently in my shower. i have been looking for a new body wash forever, so when pattern offered to send me a sample of theirs, i jumped at the chance to give it a test.

now, for a $20 bath product you’ve got to have a lot going for you to get my attention, but the cucumber moisturizing body wash from pattern provides benefits way above my current dove. my biggest gripe with body washes is that the ones that really clean well are too drying and those that are moisturizing don’t leave me feeling clean. well, pattern has changed all of that with their line of antioxidant packed washes with yummy scents and incredibly effective formulas. plant extracts break through even the worst post-power yoga sweat and essential oils leave my skin feeling supremely pampered, so soft (like, can’t stop touching my arms and legs soft) and insanely hydrated. i finally found the best of both body wash worlds and i am super pumped.

as a side note, i have been working with beauty brands for two and a half years now and this is the first time that a founder himself reached out to me regarding his product. jim’s industry experience has created a thriving brand based on direct communication with his customer (along with an impressive 100% satisfaction, no questions asked, money back guarantee) and my inner business of beauty geek is very impressed.

pattern’s line of washes come in six scents – citrus moisturizing, cucumber moisturizing, the very couple friendly black pepper, eucalyptus, nutmeg moisturizing, and sage. you can try all six and their sage body lotion for $95 and free shipping with code FS71111. but if you’re not prepared for that kind of commitment, you can also shop the single scents online for twenty bucks apiece. i think your skin (and your husbands, significant others, roommates, overnight guests, and other strangers who might also be using your shower) will thank you!


3 thoughts on “pattern body wash

  1. What shampoo and conditioners do you use without sulfates? Everything that I’ve tried leaves my hair dry and frizzy. I’m currently addicted to Drench by Sebastian, but I know it’s awful!


    • it’s called use me products (if you search ‘use me’ on the blog, i posted about them not too long ago. my hair has never behaved better! i also use their straightening styler which i love and it’s very smoothing – no frizz!


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