urban decay dew me moisturizing makeup setting spray

do you change up your makeup dependent on the time of year? i’m all about the light freshness of a tinted moisturizer in the summer and fall, but winter calls for more coverage as that tan starts to fade slowly away. (i also don’t like the way tinted moisturizer sits on my skin when it gets drier in the frigid temps, but i digress.) i’ve switched my foundation from this bobbi tm to my favorite hydrating powder foundation from smashbox and while i’m loving the familiar and flawless coverage, i miss the dewy glow from my tinted moisturizer.

dew me is a moisturizing setting spray from urban decay. it’s super light (we’re talking micro-fine) and instantly takes away the powdery look that blushes and other things can leave behind. it gives a soft glow and locks things in place for the days when you need a little extra mileage from your makeup. even for those of us who aren’t too concerned with long wear will find that it’s a little boost of moisture and defense against the whipping wind and freezing cold. overall, it’s a love for me.

if you work in a dry office environment, you’re a bare minerals or other powder gal, or if you top your foundation with powder but don’t like the dusty look, give this a whirl. i think you’ll be pretty pleased with the oomph it gives your whole visage and the natural glow you’ll be sporting ’til spring.

urban decay’s dew me moisturizing makeup setting spray is $29 at sephora and beauty.com.


9 thoughts on “urban decay dew me moisturizing makeup setting spray

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    • hi kathleen, this will definitely help with foundation fade. urban decay makes another spray called “all nighter” which is fully designed to lock makeup in place and it will not budge. this one will help with that as well, plus the hydrating glow. good luck!!


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