the best blog moments of 2011

this has been the most amazing year for the glossarie and for me. i never would have anticipated meeting so many wonderful people or receiving such incredible recognition. to celebrate the new year, i’m taking a look back at my five favorite blog moments of 2011.

february 2011: new york fashion week

it really goes without saying that my first new york fashion week was a ball. i took my sister and one of my best friends along for the whirlwind ride and we had the best time. the highlight was covering beauty backstage at the lela rose show and shooting this interview with stila’s sarah lucero:

june 2011: cabFABB

lacey from a lacey perspective, me, casie from whippedSTYLE, liz from so much to smile about

i joined an absolutely stunning group of ladies this summer by attending my first capFABB event. capFABB is ‘capital area fashion & beauty bloggers’ and we are over 200 members strong. who knew dc held so much blogging talent?! i have come to know a group of girls who quickly became my most favorite people on the planet.

july 2011: the glossarie gets a makeover all its own

remember this?! i can’t believe how far we’ve come. let’s just say that i know my limits and when to call in an expert. i thank my lucky stars all the time that i stumbled upon tabitha and her remarkable skills!

september 2011: the lucky fabb award nomination + conference

being chosen as one out of five nominees for ‘best beauty voice’ at lucky magazine’s fashion and beauty bloggers conference was a thrill beyond words. the conference itself was unbelievably fun and i came away so many blog friends richer – grace from stripes & sequins, meg from mimi+meg, and stephanie johnson to name a few!

december 2011: the glossarie named one of ten washington fashion and beauty blogs to watch in 2012 by washingtonian magazine

it’s been one heck of a fabulous whirlwind, but rounding out the year was another big honor from dc’s own cultural magazine, the washingtonian. i’ve been pondering how i will ever top 2011, and being named a blog/ger to watch could not inspire me more to attempt some even bigger, more exciting things in 2012!

there have been tons of other incredible and special things from this year, but these for me were the cream of the crop. the truth is that i love this blog and everything that goes into writing it. so while all of the excitement is completely buzzy and wonderful, the glossarie would be nothing without your visits, comments, and emails. i can’t thank you all enough for the love and support and i wish you the very happiest of new years!


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