my ten favorite product finds of the year

it was really fun to see which posts were the most popular among you lovelies yesterday. i thought i would do my own spin on it and choose ten posted products still making an impact in my routine at the end of 2011. in no particular order:

ten favorite products of the year

1. butter london nail nail foundation is encouraging me to do more at-home manis (a beauty resolution of mine for 2012!)

2. bobbi brown tinted moisturizer oil free is my everyday ‘foundation’ – i love the fresh dewy look it leaves me with. it gives enough coverage to hide my flaws, but is sheer so i don’t look too done up.

3. use me products have been a godsend! i love the low foaming scalp cleanser, soft and light hair moisturizer, and the get it straight gelee. my hair is forever changed and there is no turning back!

4. technically never posted, but i write enough about stephanie johnson that i thought it would be ok to throw this one in there. her multipurpose medium flat pouch in rodeo drive silver is the perfect sweet, slim beauty bag for on the go. i don’t leave home without it.

5. eos lip balm leaves my lips the smoothest they have ever been. i keep one at my desk, one in my purse, and one at my bedside. it’s the $3 miracle that i can’t get enough of!

6. clinique bottom lash mascara has been a top-shelf find. even though i use it only on my top lashes, the tiny brush and smudge-proof formula keep me coming back for more.

7. the bare escentuals ready eyeshadows are incredible! the application is so smooth, the duo pairings foolproof, and the staying power impressive enough to make me want to experiment with more eye color. and for a nude shadow addict, that is really saying something.

8. the sephora microfiber hair turban has done amazing things for me. for one, it stopped what i had always assumed was a receding hairline (in fact, my heavy hair towel was pulling the baby hairs out from around my face). it also stays in place sans slippage, cuts drying time in half and is a dream to travel with!

9. nars pure sheer lip treatment in lara not only has the best of names, but it’s the ultimate in easy lip color. i call it a little slip of nothing, adding just the right boost to your natural look.

10. jane iredale’s retractable lip brush has opened me up to a whole new world of lip products! i despise sticking my finger into pots of gloss and balm, but this little beauty has changed all of that. i love the way it snaps shut for toting around – you never know when you will need it!

have you discovered anything through the blog that has found a permanent home in your beauty bag this year?


11 thoughts on “my ten favorite product finds of the year

    • you must! it will change your world. i keep leaving mine in hotel rooms (tragic!) so i’ve replaced it more times than i care to discuss…


  1. Great picks! I actually just purchased my first Stephanie Johnson bag during their friends and family sale. After hearing you and spike the punch rave about them, I thought I should try them out :)


  2. I love the sephora turban. It does cut drying time in half. I am convinced I have a receding hairline, so I will have to see if this makes a difference. I am crossing my fingers that it does. xo


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