soap & glory hand food

it is dry as a bone up here in massachusetts and my hands are hurting from exposure to the elements (mostly attributed to the seven mile walk my family took this morning – dad tricked me into that one). thankfully, i picked up the “to go” version of soap & glory’s hand food before we traveled north and i could kiss myself for my good foresight. it was a welcome treasure in my beauty bag and has completely put my palms at peace with its shea buttery goodness. as hand creams go, i have few requirements: that they must be ultra moisturizing and hand softening, quick drying, with not a hint of grease (i need to be able to function after i’ve lubed up). this one delivers in all of the aforementioned arenas and even boasts a yummy scent. hands stay silky smooth through hand washings and you cannot beat the $5 price tag (but if you really really love it, there’s a bigger 4.2 oz size available for $10).


7 thoughts on “soap & glory hand food

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