pretty gifty: jouer cosmetics pochette

this super chic wristlet-meets-carrying-case is the jouer cosmetics holiday 2011 pochette. now, pochette might be the most adorable word for “beautiful wallet on an ivory bangle that also holds your makeup and your phone and contains a mirror” ever, but i think it’s selling this gifty a little short.

for starters, it’s the most beautiful (likely faux?) chocolate suede i have ever laid eyes on, dressed up with champagne gold hardware and a detachable bangle for the ultimate dangly addition to your arm party. tug on the jouer logo zipper pull to reveal its full potential and inside you will see a built in mirror and lip gloss holder – which for a limited time contains jouer’s moisturizing lip gloss in glisten, my favorite! there’s plenty of room within to stuff your cards and cash as well as a slip pocket for your smart phone. the outside boasts a little zip pocket for coins or what have you and…need i go on? it’s the best makeup wallet ever, on a bracelet.

the jouer cosmetics holiday 2011 pochette is available online for $75.


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