kate spade doodles pen necklace

if you are a born in the 80’s child of the 90’s, you watched ghostwriter. best of all, because of your timing, you got to watch hector (aka william hernandez) on the greatest show ever created and then watch him again on his stint in the real world philadelphia house. amazing.

anyway, the long and short of the matter is, that if you watched ghostwriter, you wanted a pen necklace (image here). bottom line. end of story. a pen necklace is actually a very practical item since you never know when you’re going to need to make a list, or sign an autograph, or solve a crime using magic ink. us ladies of the 80’s (and gents, i suppose) have kate spade to thank for not only reinvigorating the pen necklace, but making it amazingly chic.

kate has created a very grown up version of the pen necklace in gold. but if $78 is too steep a price to pay to relive a childhood fantasy, she also has a sweet sale version in red for $27.


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