pangea organics turkish rose & white tea eye cream

there are a dozen different reasons to add an eye cream to your routine: to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to firm, fade dark circles, eliminate puffiness, improve tone and texture, or nix dryness, to name a few. as i approach the big three-oh, i’m striving to protect and nurture the skin around my eyes as much as possible and prevent early signs of aging. i don’t want to pack a lot of extra chemicals on to my face unnecessarily and i want something that’s easy to use everyday. not too tall of an order, right?

of course it’s no secret that there are more eye creams on the market than reasons to use them, so finding one that suits your needs is no easy task. many of them are one-note wonders that take care of puffiness or chip away at dark circles, but few really work to nourish and improve the skin. i have tried tons and finally found a favorite.

the turkish rose & white tea eye cream from pangea organics is full of antioxidants that help to firm and rejuvenate the eye area. it’s a dream to apply (always with the ring finger) and feels instantly soothing. the combination of fair-trade ingredients work to regenerate cells and also act as an anti-inflammatory to keep the designer bags away. i’ve found that it brings the exact right amount of moisture to the eye area and i’ve seen the skin around my eyes brighten and improve in texture with use. it’s a bit spendy at $55, but i’m willing to invest in something that i use nightly and leave on for hours.

one tiny tube movin’ on in to the makeup drawer!

what are your eye woes? do you have an eye cream you love?


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