clarisonic mia

i held off on this purchase (and this post!) for a long time, but this is getting silly. we *must* discuss the clarisonic mia.

if you’ve been hiding under a beauty rock, the clarisonic is a face brush made by the makers of none other than the sonicare toothbrush. the point being that the brush rotations do a much better job than fingers or a washcloth could ever do, getting your face one million times cleaner and leading to clearer, healthier skin.

after nearly 90 days with mine, my oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin has morphed into a calm and clear version of its former self. truth be told, it showed improvements practically immediately and fully morphed about two weeks in to regular use. i am a big time believer in this little power tool and honestly don’t feel like i have been getting my face even close to clean for the last 29 years before it came into my life.

here’s how me and the mia make the magic happen:

i use it every morning and have started using it twice a day since my skin needs extra exfoliation in the winter. i mia in the morning with a gentle face cleanser like cetaphil or basis and at night, i remove makeup first then use it with just water. i just lay it on top of my skin and move it around for the timed one minute, concentrating on areas that tend to be oily or break out. (note: don’t press too hard! it slows the bristles and keeps them from doing their job.) i use the sensitive brush that it came with and i just replaced it for the first time. just like a makeup brush, if you don’t switch it out, it can deposit bad things back onto your skin and that’s just counterproductive to the whole process.

bottom line: it is worth the splurge and the best $119 i’ve ever spent. it has changed my skin and i think i’m addicted…in fact, i notice an increase in break outs if i skip a day, so i’m fairly certain that my face is addicted, too.

has anyone else added this to their beauty routine this year?

is anyone on the fence and need more convincing? :)


24 thoughts on “clarisonic mia

  1. I’ve been on the fence about this for a few years now. I really want it, but have a hard time forking over so much money on a beauty item. But, I put it on my Xmas list and if I don’t get it, I’m making it a Bday gift to myself.
    I will join the club some day soon!! Glad to hear that you love it!


    • it’s definitely tough to pull the trigger on such an expensive item. i was so late to the party on this one because i waited so long, but once i saw the difference it was making, i’ve been able to stop spending so much on face washes and creams, etc. you’ll save money in other places i bet!


  2. I adore mine! I wish I had gotten the Mia but for some reason I ended up with the Plus. I definitely can tell when I don’t use mine for a couple days. I love using a real foamy cleanser with mine, like Cle de Peau or Salma Hayek Nuance foaming cleanser.


    • i want to try the salma hayek. everyone raves about the cleanser that it comes with, too! my skin is so sensitive that i haven’t dared stray from my usual stuff, but maybe i’ll get brave one of these days. and is the plus amazing?! sometimes i’m tempted to do my neck and chest with my mia, but then i remember that it needs to go on my face :)


  3. I am so excited to read this review! My mom bought me one for Christmas and I cannot wait to use it! I have the worst skin in the world, so I’m really looking forward to a change! Thanks for writing the review!



    • i made no other changes to my routine and saw results so quickly! i think it will make a difference – but if for some reason it doesn’t, both sephora and clarisonic have amazing return policies. it’s definitely worth a shot! good luck :)


  4. There has never been a product that ruined my skin as badly as the Clarisonic. Outright destroyed. I went from perfect, clear, backhead free perfection to wrinkled, dried out, zit and blackhead infested disgusting mess within two weeks time. I quit using it, my face was back to normal. I tried it with another cleanser, back to the mess. I quit using it, fine. I gave it away, and my friend who received it had the exact same experience. It made everything worse.


    • bummer! lucky you if your skin was clear and beautiful before the clarisonic and glad to hear all is back to normal – i guess it goes to show us not to mess with perfection, right? :) you raise a super important point about skincare reviews, though. they are so particular to the person and just because something wowed me does not make it a universal solution. thanks do much for sharing your experience – it may help a fellow reader!


    • this makes me leery of trying it as well – b/c i don’t have bad skin to begin with. sure i could probably use a deep clean every once in awhile, but i didn’t wash my face at ALL until college, and i’ve never had a problem!


      • well, i could certainly launch into a face washing lecture :) but i would agree – the $120 investment isn’t necessary if your skin is behaving!


  5. I love my Clarisonic and want you all to know that when you register it on their website you get a $25 gift certificate to the Clarisonic online store. That’ll get you a free replacement brush! Hope this is still true, I’ve had mine for a while now. I do find that the brush starts to smell a little musty at times and when it does I wash it with some antibacterial soap or put it through the dishwasher.
    Also love my Clarisonic Opal! You’ll have to get one of those next, Lara! They’ve come way down in price in the last year and if you’re a Clarisonic lover you won’t regret it.


    • thanks, anne! that’s super helpful – i’m definitely going to register mine ASAP. i have a mini crush on the opal :) i tested it at a beauty event at neiman marcus this summer and LOVED it. maybe i’ll give it a whirl with some of my christmas money!


  6. I just bought the Clarisonic Mia this past weekend and can’t wait to start using it. Of course my biggest dilemma now is which cleanser to use with it. Whatever I decide I want to use the same ones everyday. Any cleansers you recommend for dry skin?


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