click-happy nails in honor of cyber monday

today’s the day to let your fingers do the elfing with crazy steals and deals all over the internets. to put your tips in top holiday spirits for the task at hand, try this delightful little duo for a very merry manicure.

brush on butter london’s nail foundation to prep nails. it acts as a primer, hiding flaws and providing a smooth, matte surface. it also grips onto color, making it last freakishly long – seriously, you may get sick of your chosen shade before it starts to chip! this is one of those products that improves performance for even the thriftiest of nail polish purchases. it’s a must-add to any nail lover’s collection and really brings out the vibrancy in all your lacquers.

once your foundation is dry, follow up with a coat or two of one sweetly seasonal shade. i’m loving zoya’s milla (discovered via court & hudson) for its festive sparkle. it’s a bright, coral-red shimmer with iridescent glitter.

ta-da! who need’s rudolph’s nose when your fancy new nails can lead the way?

bonus: both ingredients are available at a discount today! for 30% off all butter london online orders, use code celebrate11; and for free shipping at zoya, use code zoya4me


4 thoughts on “click-happy nails in honor of cyber monday

  1. primer for nails?? this is a first- but i must say, an absolutely brilliant concept!! i use skin and eye lid primers before applying makeup, so why not use one for my fingernails?!! thank you thank you!! and i love the rudolph comparison-this color sounds lovely


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