loverdoodles pocket mirrors

i have loved and lost more pocket mirrors than i can count. they’re a handbag essential for a girl who likes lipstick…or who eats spinach…or whose mascara tends to wander down cheek…or whose hair tends to fly away…

need i go on?

the shortage of cute pocket mirrors on the market is abominable. only second in abominable-ness to the overage of cute pocket mirrors that are way overpriced. in all reality, yes i want it to look cute when i whip it out of my purse, but it lives, well, in my purse. it’s subject to scratches and being left behind when i change bags (as i do every five minutes since joining hobo) so the mirror gods have claimed more than their fair share of my cute mirrors.

if all of this is sounding like quite the dilemma, fear not! for i have discovered loverdoodles on etsy, an endless arsenal of gorgeously adorable pocket mirrors for $3.50 each. you can stock up on a handful and stash them in all of your handbags without guilt of losing something valuable.

you will want to keep your eye on these, though. they’re that good looking and it would be a real pity for one to go missing.


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