pretty for a penny: revlon colorburst lip butter

drugstore products don’t get me excited very often, but this one is blowing my mind.

you see, the thing about tinted lip balms and moisturizing lipsticks is that they tend to only do one of two things right – they either moisturize fabulously with no color payoff, or the color looks great, but they dry your lips out. well, revlon has created the perfect marriage of lipstick and lip balm with their colorburst lip butters.

these tubes cost all of $7 but behave like a department store lipstick. there are 20 gorgeous shades – each one completely different from the next – and the packaging is adorable. the love affair continues far beyond looks, though, because the pigmentation on these guys is amazing. you get intense full color pay off (no sheerness, here) from what feels like a balm and your lips are gonna love the buttery-ness that comes from moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, mango butter, shea butter. and coconut oil. i’ve found you can actually apply these to dry, chapped lips and they will feel better. when have you ever been able to say that about a lipstick?

the soothing qualities make these perfect for winter, but i’m also loving the fun shades as a way to take a lipstick risk and go bold with a color you’ve never tried before. bottom line, you need to seek these out at your local drugstore or ulta. revlon has outdone themselves with a super great, super cheap, moisturizing lipstick that wears for a long while so keep your eyes peeled for the rainbow display and snatch a couple up!


12 thoughts on “pretty for a penny: revlon colorburst lip butter

    • you will love them! i should also mention that they’re not limited edition so although they are hard to find for the moment, revlon is keeping them as part of their collection so that’s good news :)


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