another pretty face: rachel bilson


there’s no denying that our girl rbils is a beauty, but this picture truly takes the cake. i love her over-blushed cheeks, pale pink gloss, perfect brows, and curled-up lashes. want to steal this stunning pretty? read on.

to achieve that strawberry flush, try tarte amazonian clay 12 hour blush in natural beauty. it looks garish in the pan but when dusted on the apples, it gives gorgeous color and really stays put. vitamins and other goodies actually improve skin while you wear making it a super star in my book.

rachel’s bold brows balance out her sweet cheeks and my favorite brow tool to date is clinique’s brow lift. the automatic brow pencil on one end fill in your sparse spots while the coordinating highlighter is blended under arches to really make them pop.

her eyes boast a big curl which you can achieve with a curling mascara like clinique’s high impact curling mascara. it gives a dolled up, wide awake look. and her smile is kept simple with a soft pink gloss – try stila’s lip glaze in bubble gum.

are you loving this look as much as i am? think you’ll recreate the rachel?


9 thoughts on “another pretty face: rachel bilson

    • it’s amazing! i’ve been wearing it for awhile and it’s the only blush that my oily skin doesn’t “eat” (lovely, i know :)). as for that sephora event, i am making my list and checking it twice! can’t wait to tear that place up.


    • aww, thanks drew! her cheeks really won me over in this picture. you should definitely give the tarte blush a try if you haven’t. i love that you stopped by!


  1. LOVE LOVE this look- and yes I’d love to create it every day if possible. I feel a kindred spirit w her bc of her brown locks and brown eyes like me;-) Thanks for the product suggestions- you just costed me a couple extra bucks!! How could I not have tried this tarte blush yet???


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