name dropping + lovely links

have you ever bought something just because it has your name on it? i’m not talking a license plate keychain or a mug at disney world, i’m talking products. i indulged in a little name dropping this week when i scooped up two products bearing my moniker.

deborah lippmann’s lara’s theme is a creamy bright orange from her summer collection. while it’s not the most expected shade for fall, i’m really loving the way it pops against all of the purples and grays in my wardrobe. (fun fact: it’s named for supermodel lara stone who collaborated to create the color.)

nars ‘pure sheer’ lip treatment spf 15 is a super luxurious lip balm with a pretty pastel pink tint. lara is like a little whisper nothing of color that really dresses up an already perfect lip balm.

these two laras could not be more different, but i love them both! are there any beauty products with your name on them in your collection?

{a few lovely links}

happy weekend, lovelies!


8 thoughts on “name dropping + lovely links

    • thanks so much for stopping by! i am very impressed you used an entire bottle of nail polish to the end, i get sick of colors so quickly. i have no doubt though, that if there was a brand that would get me to that goal, it’s definitely DL!


    • aww thanks! it’s like lingerie for your lips – i like to think i might love it just the same if it were named something else, but the name definitely helps its case :)


    • it would look so pretty on you!! i think i’m pressing my luck by wearing it this season, but i actually think you can get away with it as a year-round polish. let me know if you pick it up :)


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