prada candy

if you read that title thinking that prada has finally created the world’s most expensive box of chocolates, you may be disappointed. however, those of us on the prowl for a new perfume to combat cooler temps will be happy to hear that candy is a new fragrance from the luxury fashion label, and it’s even yummier than it sounds.

candy is prada’s third scent to date, this one feminine and lively, very nontraditional. top notes include remnants of caramel and smoky vanilla paired with musk to bring elegance to what could be overly sweet. however, this confection in a bottle is not at all foodie, in fact something about its woodsiness pushes it deep into the sexy category while still keeping it super comfortable. it’s deliciously smooth and soft, coquettish and flirty but also sophisticated – basically everything i want in a bottle. my love for this one burns deep and i’m smitten by its mysterious complexity.

it’s crazy divine and i keep reaching for it again and again, but prada candy is in high demand, so catch it while you can!


9 thoughts on “prada candy

    • the bottle looks so pretty sitting on a vanity, that’s for sure. you’ll definitely adore this scent – it’s sophisticated but casual at the same time and all around delightful for this time of year.


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