dogeared always beautiful hoop earrings

i got a taste of full-time style stalker dana’s (aka the possessionista) every day when i went on a full out google rampage to identify these gorgeous golden hoops. i had seen them on new girl‘s mary elizabeth ellis (the wedding episode) and up all night‘s maya rudolph in the same week and had to make them mine.

the illusive hoops are the ‘eye’ from dogeared’s new always beautiful earring collection. i bought the moroccan style in silver last month and now i’m fully craving these beauties. my silver stunners are bold but super lightweight so i have high hopes for this new silhouette.

the objects of my affection, dogeared always beautiful hoop earrings, are $68 at neiman marcus. want a pair? there are so many beautiful shapes to choose from in silver, gold, and rose gold. betcha can’t pick just one!


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