clinique (top and) bottom lash mascara

clinique bottom lash mascara is not new to this here blog, but i had to revisit this small wonder because i’ve been using it in an unconventional way and it’s been delivering BIG time. it’s no secret that i’ve long been on the search for a mascara that will last all day on my overly watery eyes and it’s near impossible to find one that doesn’t smudge or flake but still washes off with warm water as i detest eye makeup remover. i’ve been having such great results with this tiny tube on the undercarriage of my lash line, that i decided to get a little crazy and start using it on my top lashes and…


why didn’t i think of this sooner? the result is insanely long and beautifully defined lashes! the ones i’ve been looking for since i was about, oh, seventeen. the tiny brush gives each lash almost individual attention so the final product looks home grown but glossier.

it takes a teensy bit longer to apply because let’s be honest, the brush is miniscule. but something about applying mascara in detail brings out fringe that i never knew i had. i can lengthen and define from left to right without missing a beat or a single lash and the glam lasts all. day. long.

now i’m not sure if bottom lash is an existing clinique mascara that they paired with a dwarf brush and packaged in a tube the size of my index finger, but i’ve thought this through and feel confident that the magic lies in the combination of the itty bitty brush with the budge-proof formula. it’s a dynamic duo that has taken me on serious journey of lash discovery and i am not in kansas anymore.

seriously. HOLY LASHES.

but best of all? clinique bottom lash mascara is a bite size $10.


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