another pretty face: lela rose spring 2012

(via bellasugar)

you might remember that i covered hair, makeup, and nails backstage for lela rose in february. while i had plans to do the same this past weekend, the opportunity to represent the glossarie at lucky fabb was too good to pass up and plans had to change. i’ve been waiting on pins and needles to peek at the pretty from this season’s runway show and getting a glimpse of the final look put together by ted gibson, deborah lippmann, and bare escentuals did not disappoint.

lela’s collection was inspired by old school sin city, and starting at the top, ted is calling that sweet braid-alternative the ‘nomad twist.’ lucky for us, it’s a cinch to recreate by just parting hair wide, twisting the front section, and pinning way down at the nape of the neck.

nails were done in deborah’s ‘believe’ – a metallic gold beige ($16). it’s a really beautiful alternative to all of the brights and bolds we’re seeing as of late. don’t get me wrong, i love to have fun with my nails, but there’s something so polished and sophisticated about a shimmery neutral. i guess lela agrees!

finally, it was all about the eyes (how ’bout them brows?!) and the everyday look was created using a new palette from bare escentuals out next month – the afterparty eyeshadow quad ($30). let’s all just shout a quiet hooray for new pressed shadows from the beloved be – these are getting rave reviews and i can’t wait to give them a try.

so, what do you think? would you take this look from runway to real world?


14 thoughts on “another pretty face: lela rose spring 2012

    • so glad you like it! i’m a sucker for a romantic look. i’m *very* excited for those shadow palettes & look forward to reviewing/posting them later this fall!


  1. Absolutely I would rock this! However I don’t think I could wait until spring 2012, might have to recreate this look now! It’s also nice to see a runway model actually looking “pretty” and not ridiculous. I guess the look matches the clothing since they seem pretty wearable. And that nail color is dynamite. Glad I found your blog, it’s pretty amazing.


    • i totally agree with you about the beauty look for lela rose and you are spot on – her clothes are totally wearable. i love her collection every season. SO glad you found the blog + hope you’ll keep reading!


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