SIRCUIT cosmeceuticals natural skincare

so i think we’ve discussed ad nauseum the fact that my skin is problematic. in a desperate attempt to get a handle on the insanity, i reached out to SIRCUIT for a free personal skin consultation. they asked me a bunch of questions to diagnose the underlying issues and put together a pack of samples designed to work together and treat my skin. i was thrilled!

i’ve been using the triple threat you see above to reduce hormonal breakouts and also combat early signs of aging ever since. i wash twice a day with x-trap daily gentle facial wash, followed by a spritz of immaculate mist (a hydrating toner for problem skin) and finish up with a layer of sircuit agent (an anti-aging serum for blemished skin). i top it all off with my favorite spf and my face has never been happier.

i am so impressed with these products and can really feel them working with one another to visibly improve my skin. my face actually feels better which is an amazing accomplishment on its own – no more tightness, no more oiliness. it’s balanced and clearing up before my eyes which i was starting to think wasn’t possible!

now, skincare is obviously a personal thing so if you’re curious to find which SIRCUIT products might work for you, i highly recommend taking a spin on their website and calling for a consultation. you can order all items in deluxe sample sizes which last for two weeks on average, plenty of time to notice the positive change that i’m certain you will.

4 thoughts on “SIRCUIT cosmeceuticals natural skincare

    • you will love them! their sample program is amazing – definitely a company that stands behind their brand. let me know if you find something else exciting!


  1. I also use these three products (with addition of Savior cleanser in the morning and Oraia on occassion) and when I’m loyal – zero breakouts. Not even the normal 1 or 2 hormonal breakouts I normally get. Sircuit Skin is my favorite brand, no doubt.


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