lipfusion xl lip contouring pencil

i’m on a lipstick kick and loving playing with shades from nude to bold. while my new favorite accessory is cool in so many ways, it’s also a tricky little devil. it wanders, it fades, it dries out my lips. it’s a love-hate relationship but this new invisible lip pencil has saved the day.

it prevents dreaded feathering, locks in color, and even plumps lips slightly to keep any and all sheer, matte, or creamy formulas from settling into my quietly deepening lip lines. brilliance! the lip fusion xl pencil is nice and chubby so its glides on easily and has a soothing feel when it hits your lips. it’s more than just a primer in that it makes any lipstick look its absolute best – kind of like shapewear – doing for your mouth what spanx do for your derriere. this stuff takes care of all the work to improve the look of your lips and the staying power of your product so your lipstick will look like a million bucks, whether it was a department store splurge or drugstore bargain!

bottom line: the lipfusion xl pencil is pure pout perfection at $28.


2 thoughts on “lipfusion xl lip contouring pencil

  1. It seems as though my lips are always chapped, and lipstick only makes it worse (not that it keeps me from trying). I wonder if this would help improve their condition.


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