a little lucky fabb 2 recap + many thanks

{ann / cult of pretty, natalie / natalie off duty, brandon holley / eic lucky, moi}

omgoodness, where to begin.

the day featured panels, presentations and face time with some of the biggest people in the fashion, beauty, and digital industries but what i loved most was the chance to chat and connect with fellow bloggers. meeting so many of my digi-friends in person was ultra rewarding and being surrounded by that much talent was incredibly uplifting.

starstruck moments included quality one-on-one chats with jean godfrey-june (beauty director for lucky), stephanie johnson, and leslie blodgett of bare escentuals. it’s so amazing to know that the geniuses behind your favorite things are the rockstar women you hoped they’d be!

the day wrapped up with a cocktail hour and (drumroll, please!) the fabb awards. lucky’s editor in chief, brandon holley, opened the ceremony noting that bloggers are connecting with women in a different way from anyone else out there and that the fabb awards are lucky’s way of calling out bloggers who are doing a spectacular job. i know it was a validating and special moment for all the writers in the room.

while ‘best beauty voice’ went deservedly to emily and into the gloss, i am still on cloud nine from seeing my name and the glossarie on the big screen last night. the nomination was more than i ever imagined for this little blog and having lucky recognize me as anything near beauty blog upper crust continues to feel amazingly good.

so, endless thanks yet again for all the love and support! we’ll be back to beauty as usual tomorrow, and for all consecutive days into the foreseeable future :)


24 thoughts on “a little lucky fabb 2 recap + many thanks

  1. Congrats Lara! What an amazing experience! Now that I’m staying at home full-time, blogs have become a somewhat obsession for me. I will admit that I mostly read about things like removing spit-up stains, or how to puree almost any food imaginable. BUT, I love how the glossarie keeps me in touch with the outside world of beauty. Thanks for that!


    • blogs are my #1 source of information now! they were for wedding planning and i imagine they will be for mommyhood, too (when it comes along!). i love that you read the glossarie – thank you!!


    • aww thanks grace! i’ve loved your blog for so long, meeting you was a total highlight for me. can’t wait to rock my wishbone necklace all over dc!


  2. Hey Lara,
    Congrats, sounds like you had a lot of fun. We are so proud of you down here in NC. Can’t wait to tell Melissa we are going down to see her this weekend!


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