pinch me! i’m a lucky fabb award nominee

it has been a long week of harsh and expensive reminders that perfect, i am not. well, mainly just perfect driver, i am not – but that is neither here nor there. i am willing to accept and learn from all of said reminders if they are in any way karmic-ally balancing out the exciting news of my lucky magazine fabb award nomination.

you guys, i am so unbelievably honored and humbled that lucky, my shopping bible, has somehow stumbled upon this little beauty-inspired spot on the web and nominated me for ‘best beauty voice’. the company in which my name reads on the nominee page is insane. emily weiss of into the gloss is basically my blogging idol and to be in an award category with her is beyond anything i could have ever imagined for the glossarie, so it’s safe to say i’m over the moon.

i’m headed up to nyc on tuesday to participate in the lucky fabb conference and awards ceremony. i am excited (and slightly intimidated) to meet and soak in the presence of so many blogstresses and icons, but i’m most looking forward to meeting my fellow fabb award nominees who i have long looked up to and admired. please click over to pay them a visit if they’re not already on your reader radar, they are a wealth of style inspiration and pure enjoyment:

i even discovered a few new to me blogs on the list:

as i navigate my own wardrobe (and also likely the mall) and try to compile an outfit worthy of meeting fashion icons and one’s blogging inspirations, i want to offer up a little berry and wildflower ice-cubed toast to all of you. if you didn’t visit this blog and leave your lovely little comments, i would have no motivation to continue sharing the pretty. your encouragement keeps the product testing, blog scouring, post writing process on the move, and i love you so much for it. so, cheers to you! and have a wonderful week – i will have lots to share with you when i’m back from new york.


20 thoughts on “pinch me! i’m a lucky fabb award nominee

    • thanks, emily kate! you’re so sweet :) love that you’re reading the blog + look forward to seeing you again soon at a #dcfabb meetup!


    • aww thank you, katalina! your comments mean so much to me. the support from other bloggers has been amazing! love our little community :)


    • thank you, ashley! so glad you followed along with my fabb tweets. the conference was amazing. hope to meet you in dc one of these days!!


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